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Order your car tyres with E-Two MOT Centre speak to our expert tyre technicians and we can list you a full range of tyres from budget to premium brands as well as specialist tyres For quality tyres and fitting look no further in Bethnal Green.

At E-Two MOT centre we have access to a huge selection of tyres, suitable for all budgets and driving conditions. Good quality tyres are essential for the overall safety and performance of your vehicle, keeping them well maintained and roadworthy is also your legal responsibility as a vehicle owner.

We believe that when it comes to buying new tyres there is no substitute for a high quality, premium tyre. It is a question commonly asked, whether a premium tyre is worth the extra money over a budget equivalent, our opinion is that a premium tyre will always be a better performing, safer and longer lasting tyre.

A budget tyre is often developed with a very strict price point in mind. This is reflected in the quality of materials used, the types of technologies used in their construction and development and the quality of their manufacturing

By comparison a premium tyre is developed with one thing in mind; creating the best tyre possible. Premium tyre manufacturers will use the best materials available and include the most modern technologies in their development.

Of course, there are legal standards which dictate whether a tyre is suitable for use, these standards extend to all tyres sold within the UK so you can be assured that even a budget tyre will meet the minimum required standards.

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If you need any assistance in selecting the best tyre for your vehicle you can contact our helpful team in Bethnal Green on 020 7739 1922 or send us a message.

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